2018    Internal Landscapes – Project Gallery QCA Griffith University Southbank Brisbane & Saint Andrews Hospital Gallery Space Brisbane
Internal Landscapes draws on medical and metaphysical references to introspectively explore the significance of the human brain and body.

2017    Beautiful one day, fruit salad the next! – Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
An exhibition by Queensland artists who, by happenstance, discovered some relationships between their works.

2016    Zantis + Zantis – 88 Gallery Redcliffe
A synchronous solo exhibition. A meeting of, and bringing together of two unique individualistic expressions and minds. Maybe it’s a look at
Who you think you are….
Who others think you are….
Who you really are….
Our Stories are interconnected and are linked……

2016   Specimens – Hilltop Gallery Mt Tamborine
A group show showcasing lithography prints, paper sculpures and my soft sculptural works around the theme of criosity cabinets and myths of the Victorian era. The obscure and the grotesque sit comfortable alongside with the beautiful and charming.

2015   Glory Box, Hope Chest, Bottom Draw – Logan Art Gallery Logan
A collaborative exhibition of local women artists, examining the tradition of the ‘ glory box’ and how it has evolved over the years. The exhibition explores various symbols attached to different cultural tradition.

2014-15   Homesickness Project – Logan Art Gallery Logan
An artist lead on site community art project with the Beenleigh International Cooking Group. A 7 meter photo tableau, which is an appropriation of The Last Supper consisting of 22 participants and their homesickness meal.

2013   Open Studio Hybrid Materials Collaboration – Berrinba Wetlands
This project brought together 4 artists from different diciplines to share skills weekly over 4 months and make work in response to the Berrinba Wetlands.

2012   Double Vision Artist Exchange Program – Logan Art Gallery Logan and Tea Tree Gully S.A.
An exhibition of artists from Queensland and South Australia created works in response to eachother city. The city of Onkapringa and Logan.

2011   Mamas in the Hood – Pine Rivers Art Gallery Strathpine
A group exhibition of instalations that showcase motherhood and being an artist in contemporary society.

2011   Motherboard Olympus – Logan Art Gallery Logan
Suble soft pink yarns and beaded sharp kitchen objects are some of the incoherent elements of this installation.Pass through lushious soft pink embellished curtians to find the Queen Motherboard herself as she gives audience to her court. In this installation the classical world meets the matriarcal rise of the 21st century.

2010    Bad Exposed – Percolator Gallery Brisbane
A group exhibition of works by instalation artists, painters, and printmakers.

2010  6th Asia Pacific Attendant
Art Education Attendant

2009    Finalist in Textile Art Festival Competion
The Art of Recycling Nigella’s Appetisers

2009   New Interpretations of Past Lives – Port Lytton Arc Biennale Brisbane
Community art project looking at food of migrants.

2008    Domestic Goddess – Ivory St 24/7 Artisan Brisbane
An installation of metal cookie cutters and pink knitted loin cloths embelished with beads and pearls. Domestic Goddess explores inherent elements of ritual, seduction, love and power that resides in the domestic kitchen.

2007    Knit – Evolution Studios Brisbane
An installation and performance piece featuring knitting as a freeform sculpture of emotion. Landscape of Resilience Project was launched at this exhibition. It is the embodiment of people’s strength of will to overcome adversity. This is an ongoing project continually traveling within the community.

2007  Book Sculpture – Brisbane City Council Library
A project using discarded books to create a sculpture for exhibition within the library.

2007 A Moment in Friendship – Evolution Studios Brisbane
A group show featuring Kniky Knits sculptured bags and wraps.

2004    Nomadic – Artisan and Queensland Regional Galleries travelling with Flying Arts
A group show exploring the nomadic journey of yarn and people.

2003    Translucent Botanica – Watermark Noosa Regional Gallery
Artist book exhibition.

2002    Works of Imagination – Noosa Regional Gallery
Artist Book Exhibition.

2002 Blue Baloon Day – Freestyles Le Tout Brisbane
A fund raising exhibition of student works where proceeds were given to the Prince Charles Hospital.



2011-2015    Regional Arts Development Fund – Logan City Council



Certificate of Photography – Seven Hill College of Art

Certificate in Introductory Ceramics –Tafe Southbank

Certificate of Interior Design – Gateway Tafe

Workshops in Contemporary Art Practice – BIA

Professional Development In Contemporary Art Practise – Artmilk



2015    Portait Magazine Summer p. 54-55

2015    Eyeline Magazine Number 82, p.16 

2013    Hybrid Open Studio – Logan and Albert News

2011    Motherboard Olympus – Fiber Forum Magazine

2011     Motherboard Olympus – Art Collector Magazine

2011    Motherboard Olympus – Logan and Albert News

2010    Bad Exhibition focus on local artists – Logan and Albert News

2009    Chelsi Foskett Studios, Sheds, and Kitchen Tables – Logan and Albert News

2008    Domestic Goddess – Textile Fiber Forum

2008    Sex Knittin – Style Magazine

2004    Interwoven Vision – Textile Fiber Forum    



Tailored workshops in a variety of mediums and disciplines are available for your community, school, and business or individually on request.
Please email chryszantis@gmail.com

  • Art teacher, private students, 2016

  • Art teacher, Logan Art School, 2015
    Relief teacher for after school class for 8 to 12 year olds

  • Glory Box Hope Chest Bottom Draw, Logan Art Gallery, 2015
    Facilitated a workshop in macramé knitting and crocheting.

  • Meet the Maker, Logan North Library, 2015
    A demonstration of various art techniques I use in my art practice.

  • Open Studio Hybrid Materials Collaboration, Berrinba Wetlands, 2013
    Facilitated workshops in techniques and materials used in my art practice for the general public. Incorporating techniques learnt from other participating artists into new works created in response to Berrinba Wetlands. Activities included knitting a bennie in three hours.

  • Alice Springs Bennie Festival Exhibition, Logan Art Gallery 2012
    Facilitated workshops in knitting and embellishing a bennie for adults and children.

  • Motherboard Olympus, Logan Art Gallery, 2011
    Facilitated workshops in the anthropomorphism of kitchen objects using knitting for adults and children.

  • Knit, Evolution Studios Brisbane, 2007
    Launch of Community Art Project called Landscape of Resilience. Facilitated workshops at various locations for the making of an insitu textile installation for adults and children.

  • Watermark, Noosa Regional Gallery, 2003
    Demonstrated lino printing on fabric and Artist book making

Artist in Resident 2002 - 1995

  • Kimberley Park State School

  • John Paul College

  • Gifted And Talented Association Of Queensland

Consulted with teachers from all of the above to facilitate art lessons, which complemented thematic units and self-actualization workshops. Lesson plan are available for perusal on request.