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Chrys Zantis lives and works in South East Queensland Australia. Zantis created textile art, assemblage and installations to explore the external landscape of perception in Theatrical Perceptions. As a natural progression she is now exploring the inward landscape of the body; how the internal landscape shapes, and is shaped by external perceptions. 

In the same manner Theatrical Perceptions exploited discourses of fashion and theatre to deconstruct the nature of intrapersonal performance, Internal Landscapes draws on medical and metaphysical references to introspectively explore the significance of the human brain and body.

Zantis has received RADF grants to be part of Double Vision Exchange Program, a community participatory art project which culminated in a group exhibition including International artist called Homesickness Project, a group show called Glory Box, Hope Chest Bottom Draw and a solo exhibition called Motherboard Olympus. She has also exhibited at Artisan and Percolator Brisbane.

Chrys Zantis has an innate wisdom about the creative process. She has experience guiding young people and adults to their intuitive creative selves through art related workshops. She has the ability to touch spirits and enthuse people to venture deep into their creative soul.