Internal Landscapes

Solo exhibition, Project Gallery QCA Griffith University Southbank Brisbane, 2018
Solo exhibition, Saint Andrews Hospital Gallery Space Brisbane, 2018

Internal Landscapes follows Theatrical Perceptions (Gallery 88, 2016) in which textile art, assemblage and installation was used to explore the external landscape of perception. As a natural progression I am now exploring the inward landscape of the body; how the internal landscape shapes, and is shaped by, external perception.

In the same manner Theatrical Perceptions exploited discourses of fashion and theatre to deconstruct the nature of intrapersonal performance, Internal Landscapes draws on medical and metaphysical references to introspectively explore the significance of the human brain and body.

Ground-breaking advances in neuroscience are the predominant inspiration. Contemporary imaging technologies permit internal biology to be externally displayed; I wish to likewise visually represent the unseen, inner workings of the body, while referencing the complimentary and compelling relationship between visual art and medical science.

Textile art shares terminologies with scientific nomenclature, like ‘cables,’ ‘braiding,’ and ‘fibres,’ in adjunct to the visual, geometric structure of textiles resembling biological structures like tissues and systems of specialised cells. ‘Self-similar’ replication, in which small, branching patterns comprise and resemble larger ones, is another trait shared by my chosen media and the internal landscape of the body.

The Exhibition comprised of multiple installations, interactive sculptures, encased objects and framed images will collectively express the sameness and simultaneity of structures in nature on the micro and macro scales. Metaphysical enquiry is another facet of Internal Landscapes conceptually; the puzzling irony of how science constantly expands our knowledge while alerting us to our relative ignorance about what we are unable to (yet) perceive.