Theatrical Perceptions - A Synchronous Solo Exhibition
by Chrys Zantis & Dooley Zantis

 Chrys Zantis created Theatrical Perceptions after many musings with her cousin and co exhibitor Dooley Zantis. Their link is the use of bubble wrap and mirrors as elements to represent seeing into, seeing through, and seeing beyond. In our contemporary everyday world, mirrors and bubble wrap, are both used for convenience and functionality. They are symbolic conduits to our awakening and self-discovery.

Chrys Zantis use of song titles as titles for her art works highlights the theatrical aspects of our contemporary lives and this exhibition. The mirrors are dresses with glasses of which Zantis has owned and are her trademark of choice along with many shades of red lipstick. They’re just another lenses to see through or to be seen through. The works have a playful intention even the piece Swan Lake / Black Swan which speaks of the dark and light duality in our lives has the humorous element of Dame Edna look alike glasses used to cut onions. Other works hints at selfies and paparazzi narcissistic behaviours becoming part of the every day. Cookie cutters and text elements in the works bring to the surface emotions that normally linger out of view. Zantis is making us aware of the theatrical perceptions embedded in all of us.

88 Gallery
88 Sutton Street, Redcliffe
Queensland, 4020